The Story Behind Britney Spears’ Relationship With Charlie Ebersol Is Kind of Sad and Concerning

New Love
Britney confirms she is dating Charlie Ebersol.
What brings two people together? Proximity? Common interests? Destiny?

In the case of Britney Spears and her new boyfriend Charlie Ebersol, it seems her father, Jamie Spears, is the answer to the aforementioned question. While it’s not unheard of for a father to set his daughter up on a date, a source alleges there may have been an ulterior motive for Jamie’s matchmaking.

Speaking to Daily Mail, a source claims that Jamie and Charlie met during a meeting in which Charlie pitched a reality TV idea that would highlight Britney’s role as a philanthropist. According to the source, Jamie liked what he heard enough to introduce Charlie to his daughter. It is unclear whether or not they are planning to proceed with the reality show, but the source seems to imply that, in introducing the two, Jamie was hoping to see the reality series come to fruition.

“Jamie likes the idea,” the source says. “And so does Britney. It puts her out of her comfort zone of playing mom and rock star and into the role of giving to those in need.”

Britney and Charlie allegedly hit it off, and so it was decided that they could date, though under strict supervision:

Meanwhile, Jamie maintained a strict leash on his ward. Britney can date, surely. But Edan Yemini, Britney’s bodyguard of more than six years, always must be waiting nearby. Whether at the restaurant’s bar observing, or in an SUV idling out front, Britney’s guards are charged with never leaving her alone.

And then there are disturbing nuggets such as this:

“Britney functions best with a man in her life, and Jamie knows that,” adds the source. “He’s is good at selecting just the right candidates.”


The source also says that Jamie is responsible for getting Britney and David Lucado together, and that it was Jamie who pushed David out of the picture once cheating rumors began to emerge.

“When Jamie found out David was cheating on his daughter, the guy was kicked to the curb so fast, it would make your head spin,” says the source. “Jamie doesn’t give second chances.”

These rumors paint a rather bleak picture of Britney’s life. It is no secret that she has been under conservatorship since 2007, but if this source is to be believed, the extent to which others control her life goes far beyond managing her bank accounts and making sure she goes to the doctor.

Whatever the motives for Britney and Charlie getting together, one just hopes that she is happy and safe.

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