This Is Why You Should Never Ask Brody Jenner About Kim Kardashian

Brody on Kim Feud
Brody Jenner addresses his alleged feud with Kim Kardashian.
Brody Catches Kim
Brody Jenner walks in on a naked Kim Kardashian.
Though sock designer Rob Kardashian is happy to talk about his more famous siblings, Brody Jenner begs to differ.

While landing in Sydney, Australia over the weekend, the reality star blew up at a paparazzo when he was asked about Kim Kardashian. Walking through the airport terminal followed by both fans and photographers, the former The Hills star lashed out at one specific shutterbug before running up to another as if he was about to hit up.

“Let me tell you something,” Jenner replied angrily in the video, which can bed viewed on TMZ. “You ask me some fucking stupid questions like that, I’m not gonna to answer them. You understand that? You’re asking me if Kim was here — you can ask her that same fucking question. You understand that?”

He continued, “Do you have anything else for me? That’s it? You’re going to ask me about my fucking sister?”

“You’re one of them, too, motherfucker,” Brody then barked at another photographer before charging at him. “Yeah exactly, you fucking motherfucker,”

Well, at least we had more luck with asking Brody about Bruce Jenner.