Kim Kardashian Hollywood Made $43.4 million in Three Months Because We All Want to be Famous

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Kim Kardashian’s fascinating mobile app, unsurprisingly called Kim Kardashian Hollywood, let’s you live like Kim, party like Kim, and spend money like Kim because (shocker!) being a Kardashian doesn’t come cheap.

Accordingly, a collective (and let’s face it, basic) addiction to Kim’s game has earned the app $43.4 million in the third quarter. That’s also 6 billion total minutes spent playing the game when, like, books could be read.

According to the Q314 earnings call report from Glu Mobile, the game’s developers, the app made $43.4 million in Q3 (which accounts for more than half of the profits from the third quarter this year). And, that’s more than 10 other Glu Mobile-owned app games combined.

Though the game hasn’t hit its project $200 million (and probably won’t), $43.4 million is a HUGE profit, considering the game is free to download in the App store.

Other milestones include 22.8 million downloads, 1.2 billion sessions, and 214,174,992 dates.

Nice work, D-listers; didn’t know you were all still obsessed with the game.