Prince Harry Settling Down, Fake Taylor Swift: A Roundup

Is Prince Harry Looking To Settle Down?

Prince Harry has kept his serious romantic relationships confined to the gentry and aristocratic class; he’s had a string of flings and suffered being the subject of a handful of scandals, but none of the women from these flings have been taken as serious contenders for a wedding ring or even publicly acknowledged. Starpulse has more on the story.

Fake Taylor Swift Explains What New York Is Really Like

A few weeks back, Taylor Swift was named Global Welcome Ambassador for New York City. But Swift’s New York — the New York of $20 million Tribeca apartments and court-side seats at Knicks game — isn’t representative of most other people’s New York. Watch the video on The Huffington Post.

Leelee Sobieski Gives Birth, Welcomes Second Child With Husband Adam Kimmel

Leelee’s little one is here! Leelee Sobieski and her husband Adam Kimmel have welcomed their second child, her rep confirms to Us Weekly. The couple’s baby son Martin arrived in August. More on the story from Us Weekly.

60 Minutes Reporter Lara Logan Under Ebola Quarantine

Lara Logan of CBS News is being quarantined in a South Africa hotel for three weeks as a precaution after visiting an American-run hospital treating Ebola patients in Liberia for a 60 Minutes report that aired Sunday. Fox News has more details.

Watch: Once You Hear Darth Vader’s Original Voice, You’ll Never Be Able To Unhear It

When Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope was being filmed, a different voice was used for Darth Vader before James Earl Jones‘s deep, sonorous voice was added. The video above lets you hear what Darth Vader sounds like with his original voice, provided by David Prowse … and it is very unsettling. See the video on Pink is the New Blog.

This Chart Will Help You Understand Interstellar Better

Still confused by Interstellar? Is your brain hurting in an attempt to piece together the time-warped timeline? Have no fear, because this simplified chart will blow away all that mental dust. Check out the chart on The Huffington Post.