Amanda Bynes’ Parents Did Get Her a Place to Stay, She Just Doesn’t Like the Location

Is Amanda Homeless?
Amanda Bynes is caught sleeping on a couch at a mall.
Amanda Bynes’ parents did get her a place to stay, but it’s just not in the location she wants.

Bynes’ parents got her a room at a hotel outside of Los Angeles in Glendale, Calif. But, according to TMZ, Bynes refuses to stay there because of its location. Get all of the details below!

When Bynes went on a Twitter rant, she said that her parents aren’t giving her the money to afford a place to stay. But, that’s just not the case. Her parents are giving her money, and even got her a place to stay, the location is the problem.

Bynes’ parents don’t want her in the Hollywood or West Hollywood area because it would only cause trouble. So, right after Bynes was released from the hospital, they got her a hotel in Glendale. But, Bynes reportedly doesn’t want to be in Glendale, she wants to be in the Hollywood area.

TMZ is reporting that her parents are willing to get her a place to stay, but it can’t be in the Hollywood area. So, Bynes is currently crashing with friends, taking selfies, and apparently falling asleep at the mall. Let’s hope Bynes will agree to stay somewhere outside of Hollywood.

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