Surprisé! Beyoncé Has Been Accused of Photoshopping Her Images Again!

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Beyonce was caught photoshopping her thighs.
Beyoncé‘s got 99 problems, and getting caught doctoring her own images is one of them.

The latest controversy comes after she shared a photo of herself in a Jay Z-inspired bathing suit yesterday.

Beyoncé shared a photo of herself wearing a bathing suit with the text “99 problems, but my ass ain’t one,” which is, objectively, amazing. The photo made the rounds because, let’s face it, it’s Sexy with a capital “S,”  but eagle-eyed fans and media outlets eventually spotted some distortions in the image that scream “PHOTOSHOP!”

You will notice that the curtains curve inward towards her body in a way that most curtains don’t curve, with the takeaway being that the photo was edited to make her waist look smaller (which, in turn, makes her her non-problematic ass look bigger).

At this point, one almost suspects that Beyoncé’s doing it on purpose for the attention, because it’s not as if she can’t afford a more professional-looking edit job.

This is at least the fourth time this year Beyoncé has been accused of sharing doctored photos of herself.

What do you make of Beyoncé’s apparent photoshop addiction? Does she owe it to her fans to stop?