Find Out Why Taylor Swift Really Skipped the MTV EMAs

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Why wasn’t Taylor Swift at the 2014 MTV EMAs?

Well, she actually had a very good reason for skipping the show. She couldn’t be in Glasgow at the awards on Sunday because was attending a play in the U.S. at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana. Why? Her brother, Austin Swift, was in the play! Get all of the details below!

Swift is on a huge promotional tour right now for her album, 1989. The album is out, but now she’s releasing music videos and gearing up for her tour. But, while she was nominated for two EMAs, Swift decided she needed to be with her family this past weekend. We love her for that!

Here’s a picture of Swift’s brother in the play “Six Characters in Search of an Author.” The youngest Swift is a Film, Television, and Theatre major at Notre Dame!

Austin Swift

(Notre Dame Film, Television, and Theatre Facebook)

When Swift attended the play at Notre Dame, word quickly spread around campus. Soon enough, fans rushed to the University to see Swift and even snapped pictures and video of her to post on social media! Check out a few below!




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Swift even went backstage after the play and took a picture with the cast and crew!

Taylor Swift

(Notre Dame Film, Television, and Theatre Facebook)

While on Good Morning America this morning, Swift even talked about attending the play. Check out a clip of the interview below!
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What do you think about Swift skipping the EMAs? Do you love that she chose family over work? Sound off in the comments!