Get to Know Sean O’Pry: The Hot Guy in Taylor Swift’s ‘Blank Space’ Music Video

When Taylor Swift released her new music video for “Blank Space” yesterday, it’s safe lots of us took to Google to search: “Hot guy in Taylor Swift’s new music video.”

His name is Sean O’Pry, and after doing a little stalking, we can now provide you with some more details that prove he is, in fact, a real person despite his unreal sexiness.

BTS today with @david_roemer @nailsbymarysoul @walterobal @keithcarpenterhair

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1. He’s a 25-year-old model who was scouted on Myspace thanks to his prom photos.  No really… That happened.  And now he has worked for brands like Calvin Klein, Versace Marc Jacobs and more.


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2.  He hails from Georgia.  A good ol’ southern boy from Kennesaw, Georgia who used to play football.

And I wake up to this…

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3. He loves animals.  He posts tons of pictures of his dog who he calls his “girl.” Awww

4. He rides motorcycles.  Hot guy on a motorcycle makes things even hotter.

TBT to the all American family photo. Murrrrica'

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5. He loves his family. And that’s the most attractive trait in the world!

So for my first selfie…this ain't a bad start. @giseleofficial @colccioficial

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6. His first selfie was with Gisele Bündchen… Because duh.

Straight glass. WARNING it's loud.

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7. He’s athletic.  How many people with THAT beautiful of a face do you know that can also do flips on a wake board? It’s unfair to have so many sexy qualities.

From a buddy. Nailed it.

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8. He’s silly. (But we doubt he’s a virgin).

Just me hanging out with my friend in the hotel…

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9. Also this… Because, cats.

So, to sum things up, O’Pry is basically the epitome of what we’d want in our soulmate, and now we can’t help but wonder if T. Swift feels the same…

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