Director of Nicki Minaj’s Nazi-Themed ‘Only’ Video Releases Statement

'Only' Video
Watch the controversial clip.
Nicki Minaj has already apologized for her poorly-received “Only” lyric video, and normally that would be the end of the story.

Enter the video’s director, Jeff Osbourne, who has finally released a statement after days of relative silence. Unlike Minaj, he has no interest whatsoever in apologizing.

Osbourne spoke with MySpace (LOL), and his point essentially boils down thusly: “Not apologizing… First Amendment rights… everyone missed the point… Sorry I’m not sorry [phrase actually used! – Ed].”

Here is his full statement. Particularly enjoyable bits have been bolded at our discretion.

Before I start, be clear that these are my personal views and not the views of Nicki Minaj, Drake, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, or Young Money.

First, I’m not apologizing for my work, nor will I dodge the immediate question. The flags, armbands, and gas mask (and perhaps my use of symmetry?) are all representative of Nazism.

But a majority of the recognizable models/symbols are American: MQ9 Reaper Drone, F22 Raptor, Sidewinder missile, security cameras, M60, SWAT uniform, General’s uniform, the Supreme court, and the Lincoln Memorial. What’s also American is the 1st Amendment, which I’ve unexpectedly succeeded in showing how we willfully squeeze ourselves out of that right every day.

Despite the fact heavy religious and economic themes were glossed over, there’s also Russian T-90 tanks, Belgian FN FAL, German mp5 (not manufactured until 1966), an Italian Ferrari, and a Vatican Pope.

As far as an explanation, I think its actually important to remind younger generations of atrocities that occurred in the past as a way to prevent them from happening in the future.  And the most effective way of connecting with people today is through social media and pop culture. So if my work is misinterpreted because it’s not a sappy tearjerker, sorry I’m not sorry. What else is trending?

Considering “Only” is a song about Minaj getting her ass eaten (not by Drake or Lil Wayne, though), it was certainly the correct venue for Osbourne to “remind younger generations of atrocities that occurred in the past as a way to prevent them from happening in the future.”

All is forgiven!

If, for some reason, you missed it the first time, here’s the video that started all the drama.

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