Nelly to Any Guy Who Tries to Date His Daughter: ‘I’m a Proud Member of the N.R.A’

Watch out, guys! If there’s one dad you don’t want to mess with, it’s Nelly.

The 40-year-old rapper is a single father raising four kids on his own (two of which are his late sister’s children), and with two girls, there are bound to be some interesting conversations when it comes to dating…

Despite having some of hip-hop’s sexiest hits, the rapper is very strict when it comes to his daughters getting sexy.

During an interview with PEOPLE magazine, the host hasked “As a single dad, do you have the sex talk with your daughter?”

“Oooh! Yeah!” Nelly responded in a terrified tone.  “Just say no! Just say ‘All boys are scum.'”

However, he feels a bit different when it comes to his son, saying her definitely cheers him on in the department.

“It is a double standard when it comes to boys and girls,” he admits.  “You know, little boys around my daughters… I’m a proud member of the N.R.A.  I’ll give him a firm handshake, take him out back and let him see the land where he can be buried.”

LOL! Watch the hilarious response in the video above.