Tuesday Ten: 10 of Leonardo DiCaprio’s Best Red Carpet Looks

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Can you even believe that our longest lasting celebrity crush turns 40 today?!

That’s right, Leonardo DiCaprio is officially over the hill… And still as hot as ever in his older age.

The actor originally stole our hearts, playing a young cutie in Growing Pains and eventually moved on to steal our top choice for Hollywood’s Hottest Hunk after playing the ever-beloved Jack in Titanic.

Today he continues to reign at the top of the A-list, capturing 22-year-old models’ womens’ hearts and maintaining his title of mega-hottie (despite that awful newsboy cap he always wears and the weight he gained after filmed Wolf of Wall Street).

I think it’s safe to say Leo will always remain dear to us, both emotionally and sexually, and in honor of that I’m dedicating today’s edition of Tuesday Ten to him and his best moments on the red carpet.

Launch the gallery above to see for yourself.