Amanda Bynes Tries to Get Neck Tattoo of Fiancé And Fails

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Amanda Bynes is trying to make things official with her non-existentfiancé Caleb.  However, it appears fate isn’t on her side in this one…

The 28-year-old actress showed up at The Honorable Society tattoo parlor in West Hollywood and was hoping to get a neck tattoo in honor of her man.  However, she ran into some troubles.

According to TMZ, Even though the tattoo artist knew exactly who she was, when Bynes couldn’t provide a form of identification, he had no choice but to deny her.  Moreover, even if she did have an ID, the parlor says they would have made her fill out a medical form in which she’d have to disclose her mental illnesses, and they probably wouldn’t have tattooed her in that state.

This is just one more incident on the series of bizarre acts of behavior the troubled star has been involved in as of late.  Most recently, she went on a rant about Nazi Germany, dyed her hair purple and has been caught sleeping on mall couches.