Beyoncé Got an Entire ‘Jeopardy!’ Category All to Herself

Under Fire
Beyonce has been accused of photoshopping images again.
Bow down, smarty pants!

Beyoncé scored her own Jeopardy! category last night. That’s right, her own category, not just one measly question.

Above, you can watch a clip of the contestants making their way through the Bey-related topics, but Mashable also secured images of the prompts. Can you answer all of these correctly? (Don’t forget to phrase your answer in the form of a question!)

The $200 Question:

Answer: What is Destiny’s Child?

The $400 Question:

Answer: What is “Single Ladies”?

The $600 Question:

Answer: What is Blue Ivy?

The $800 Question:

Answer: Who is Etta James?

The $1,000 Question:

Answer: What is “Drunk in Love”?

Would you have been able to answer all of these questions? They seem pretty easy, even for a casual Beyoncé fan.

When will your favs have their own Jeopardy! category? Probably never, if we’re being honest.

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