Kathy Griffin Tested Poorly as Joan Rivers’ ‘Fashion Police’ Replacement

New Evidence
Rivers' doctors did not have the right drugs on hand to save her.
Griffin's Statement
Griffin confirms E! offered her the 'Fashion Police' job.
As fans continue to mourn the tragic passing of Joan Rivers, especially in light of new evidence suggesting her doctors were responsible for her death, the search for Rivers’ Fashion Police replacement also continues to hit snags.

Kathy Griffin initially said she was offered the job and declined, but an insider says the real reason she didn’t land the gig is because she tested poorly.

A source told The Wrap that E! brought Griffin in for some focus group testing, and it didn’t go so well. “The problem viewers mentioned is she’d always be compared to Joan, but never actually as good as her,” the source said before adding that Griffin’s chances of securing the job are “dead.”

“She was tested and tested poorly because she was too close to Joan’s comedic sensibility,” the source continued.

This does not exactly matchup with Griffin’s story. Initially, Griffin said, “Just 2 clarify. I have not contacted E! & they have not contacted me.” Later, Griffin said that E! did offer her the job but that she didn’t know if “the situation is correct… or right for me at this time.” A representative for E! denies that focus testing was ever done.

The source also says that though the search for Rivers’ replacement “is still a wide open field,” and that both Tyra Banks and NeNe Leakes are being considered to fill the role.

“Tyra Banks was talked about for Fashion Police,” the source said.

With no answers as to who — if anyone — will replace Rivers, tensions among the cast and crew are running high. Recently, Fashion Police co-host Kelly Osbourne expressed her frustrations about the proceedings.