Naya Rivera Throws Shade at Kim Kardashian For Her Butt Baring Cover

Naya Rivera and her side boob sex up the red carpet with a slit up to there at Unicef Ball
All Butt Everyday
Kim Kardashian tries to break the internet with her bare derriere
Did Naya Rivera butt shame Kim Kardashian for trying to break the internet by revealing her bare derriere yesterday?!

Indeed, the 27-year-old actress was spotted dissing Kim on Instagram for showing off all her assets as the Winter cover star of Paper magazine, which was a sight to behold.

Rivera took to Kim’s Instagram photo, of all things, to write “you’re someone’s mother…”

Neither party has commented further, but it looks like Naya, the Glee star, is not on Team Kardashian for this one because #motherhood. Or maybe she’s a little jealous of Kim’s bodacious curves.

Was Naya’s comment to Kim’s oiled up ass undeserved? What do you think she normally “doesn’t” do?