Nicki Minaj Got a New Jewish Boyfriend Just in Time to Prove She’s Not Anti-Semitic

'Only' Video
Watch the controversial clip.
Nicki Minaj is getting a lot of heat following the release of her music video for “Only,” which people believe has an anti-semitic message attached to it.

However, the rapper quickly attempted to shut down any thoughts that she is prejudice against Jewish people because–voilá!–she’s dating one!

While walking through the Los Angeles International airport Tuesday morning, Minaj was accompanied by a new man who she alleged was her “new boyfriend” Alex Loucas A.K.A. videographer Grizz Lee.

When a paparazzi asked about the Nazi symbols in her latest music video, she responded, “No! This is my new Jewish boyfriend!  Why the f*ck would I do that? We did this together!”

Meanwhile, Nicki took to Twitter to apologize over the Nazi-esque imagery in the video and explain its true meaning.  The director of the video, however, had no interest in apologizing for anything.

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