A Complete List of Taylor Swift’s Celebrity Best Friends

Taylor Talks Boyfriends
Taylor Swift says dating is the last thing on her mind.
Taylor Swift is everywhere these days!

The singer just released 1989, and she’s busy promoting her new album all over the world. But, she still manages to spend time with her best friends. Who are Swift’s best friends? Well, a lot of them are actually celebrities! Take a look at our gallery to see all of Swift’s BFFs!

When she’s not busy making appearances on talk shows or touring around the world, Swift is just like any other 24-year-old girl. She likes to bake cookies and hang out with her friends, who also happen to be super famous.

Some of Swift’s best friends include Ed Sheeran, Karlie Kloss and Sarah Hyland! Want to know who else Swift spends her time with? Launch our gallery! We’re revealing Swift’s 10 celebrity BFFs!

After you check out the gallery, give us your thoughts! Would you like to be best friends with Taylor Swift? Sound off in the comments!

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