Amanda Bynes Clears Up Engagement Rumors: I’m Marrying a Different Guy Named Caleb

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The legend of Amanda Bynes’ phantom fiancé continues.

Though Caleb Pusey, a 19-year-old who met Bynes while they were in rehab together, fits all descriptions the former Nickelodeon star has been giving out about her husband-t0-be, he’s actually not the one she’s marrying. After Pusey publicly denied rumors that he’s set to wed the She’s the Man actress, Bynes takes to Twitter to clear the air about her surprise engagement.

Her explanation about the confusion? She’s engaged to a different man named Caleb. Um, okay.

Bynes writes:

Regardless if this other “Caleb” exists or not, Bynes is taking the engagement very seriously.

Aside from wearing an engagement ring around town, the 28-year-old tried to get a neck tattoo in honor of her mystery fiancé earlier this week. After she failed to provide proper identification (for herself, not to prove “Caleb” is really alive or not) at The Honorable Society tattoo parlor in West Hollywood, Bynes was turned away without any new ink.