Door Falls Off Bono’s Private Jet Mid-Flight in What Could Have Been Fatal Accident

If you’re scared of flying… Stop reading now.

While taking his private jet to Germany on Wednesday, U2 lead singer Bono got quite the in-flight experience: The back door of his plane flew off halfway through his travels and fell 15,000 feet to the ground.

According to NBC news, the rock star and four friends were on their way from Dublin to Berlin for the Bambi Awards when the mishap occurred somewhere over Germany.  However, the plane was able to land safely, and no one even knew what had happened until they were on the ground.

The pilots said they noticed some turbulence during a right-hand turn, but that they felt no major change in how the plane was flying. Since the luggage compartment is at the back of the plane and not connected to the pressurized cabin, there was no loss of pressure when the cargo door detached, and no was was harmed.

The passengers did, however, lose two suitcases.

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