You Can Now Buy a Slice of Kate Middleton and Prince William’s 3-Year-Old Wedding Cake

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Forget giving your loved ones a run-of-the-mill Christmas fruit cake this holiday season. Instead, why not present them with a ~*~royal~*~ fruit cake?

A slice cut from Kate Middleton and Prince William’s 2011 wedding cake is now being auctioned off. The 3-year-old dessert will be sold on Dec. 5 to 6 through Julien’s Auctions Beverly Hills along with a collection of the late Princess Diana’s dresses.

kate middleton prince william royal wedding cake
[ulien’s Auctions Beverly Hills]

The cake — which, may I remind you, is older than Prince George himself — will be packaged in a decorative gold tin. The winning bidder will also receive a blank wedding invitation written on Queen Elizabeth’s stationery so they can really pretend they were invited to the royal affair. (Because according to the auction house’s Executive Director, Martin Nolan, the fruit cake is best 30 months in, making now the optimal time to actually eat pricey confection.)

The opening bid for the item is $500, but experts say the cake could fetch anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000. In 2013, another slice was sold for $4,160.

And don’t worry about saving some for Middleton’s second child: the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge reportedly kept the top three tiers of their Fiona Cairns-created wedding cake for future events, only recently consuming the top layer of the pastry during their son’s christening.