Mama June Admits to Dating ANOTHER Sex Offender

Mama June is finally trying to set the record straight, sitting down for her first official interview since news broke that she’s allegedly dating the man who sexually abused her daughter Anna ‘Chickadee’ Cardwell.

But instead of clarifying things, the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo star has only made things worse: she admits she dated yet another sex offender, revealing that he is the real father of two of her daughters.

Earlier this week, June’s oldest daughter Cardwell talked with Dr. Drew about her family’s current situation and revealed that Lauryn ‘Pumpkin’ Shannon believes Mark McDaniel–the man who molested a then-8-year-old Cardwell–is her real father.

However, in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Mama June explains the truth.

According to June, she has only seen McDaniel twice since his release, once at a coincidental meeting and the second time at an arranged meeting to give closure to her daughter Pumpkin.

“Since two months to almost six years, she knew nobody but him,” Shannon explained. “She was starting to resent Anna and she was starting to ask me questions. I can’t answer those questions for Pumpkin.”

She decided to arrange a meeting for Pumpkin to ask McDaniel herself.

“I was sitting right there with twelve other people,” she told ET. “It was a conversation that she wanted her answers: what happened, why did he leave, you know, if he was her real father. He admitted to her, ‘no.’ I had already told her that but, you know, she wanted to hear from both sides of the story.”

So the question remains: who is Pumpkin’s real father?  Michael Anthony Ford, a convicted sex offender who served time for sexual exploitation of minors after being caught on To Catch a Predator in 2005.  He is also June’s 18-year-old daughter Jessica.

“Jessica and Pumpkin have the same dad, but Jessica’s dad has had nothing to do with her over the years,” Shannon said. “So, why the hell would I open up that can of worms until today? I lied to my family and told them it was somebody else.”

Essentially, Mama June explains the only reason she had for meeting with McDaniel was to give Pumpkin the closure she needed, explaining that she understands the outrage it’s caused.

“I understand that…and honestly it’s not like I’m seeing him everyday, I promise,” she told ET. “I wanted to be able to give one of my other daughters closure and now Pumpkin is happy, that piece of our life is over.”