Reese Witherspoon Talks ‘Wild’ Nude Scenes

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Serious actress Reese Witherspoon is back with a meaty dramatic role in the film Wild.

Her performance as Cheryl Strayed in Wild, based on Strayed’s autobiography about her 1100-mile hike across the Pacific Crest Trail, is getting rave reviews.

Witherspoon, 38, said the challenges ranged from the physical – “carrying this 60-pound backpack on my back every day with a pair of shorts on and a T-shirt when it was really cold” – to the emotional.

“It’s not just a movie about somebody walking. It really is about somebody who feels profoundly hurt and lost,” Witherspoon said. “Sexuality and drug use, all of those things were really challenging.”

She went on, “I had to make a choice when I decided to do the film on how much I wanted to bare. I have a real story to tell here because Cheryl was completely honest when she wrote her book. Even the parts of herself that maybe weren’t as palatable or likable, she told every part of her truth. It was scary and challenging.”

Watch the trailer for the film below, and then launch the gallery above to see pics getting her workout on at Cardio Barre.