Remember That One Time Kim Kardashian Swore She’d Never Get Naked Again? (Video)

A very naked Kim Kardashian covers British GQ.
It was Kim Kardashian’s idea to get completely nude and show more than just her booty in the recently published NSFW photo shoot with Paper magazine, which for those of you avid Keeping Up With the Kardashians fans, that might be hard to believe after she swore off nudity in 2011.

That’s right, just three years ago the reality star made a promise to herself (and the world) that she would never take her “clothes off ever again” after a shoot with W magazine went wrong.

My how things have changed!

In case you missed that moment, it was on an episode of Kourtney and Kim Take New York when the starlett agreed to have her body painted silver for W as long as all of her private parts were digitally covered up for the final product.

However, when it finally came out and she saw her boobs and butt were completely showing, she exploded on-camera saying, “Oh, my God! I look more naked here than I was in Playboy.” She continued, “I thought I was going to be covered in artwork, and what I’m looking at is complete nudity. I’m just so fucking mad. I’m so fucking mad you have no idea.”

Thus, the moral of the story for Kim was she would never, ever do it again.  She told her mom, “I’m never getting naked again,” adding, “I’ve learned my lesson. I mean, I’m definitely not getting naked or taking my clothes off ever again. I don’t care if it’s, like, Vogue.”

Kim’s frustration came from the fact that her nude body was originally exposed to the world in her sex tape with ex-boyfriend Ray J.  She explained during that episode, “To have come so far to go back to that just upsets me.”  She didn’t want the world to look at her and think, “All she’s good for is being naked.”

Guess little Kimmie had a change of heart!

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