How Justin Bieber’s Bad Boy Ways Could Make Him a Better Artist, According to Usher

bad boy bieber
Relive the egging incident heard 'round the world.
A lot of people have given up on Justin Bieber following his long list of legal troubles and out-of-control behavior… But one of his biggest mentors still beliebs believes.

Usher opened up to The Guardian newspaper to explain how he thinks Bieber’s bad boy ways will make him a better artist in the future.

“Any artist has ebbs and flows in their life and career,” the 36-year-old explains.  “I think the story is just begun.  You’ve not seen the best of his talent.”

Usher and the 20-year-old first met in 2010 when Justin was just a young, adorable YouTube star, performing on the streets and in his mom’s home in Canada to catch someone’s attention.  On his way to a meeting with Scooter Braun, Bieber ran into Usher in a parking lot, and upon singing for the highly-acclaimed R&B star, caught his attention, resulting in Bieber forming a joint venture with Braun and Antonio “L.A.” Reid of Def Jam Music Group.

“In life, you have to go through something to get to something,” Usher explains of Bieber’s many controversies.  “From that the inspiration comes, having something of substance to talk about; otherwise you’re just considered to be fluff.”

Meanwhile, Usher has also been dealing with his own controversies as of late.  The singer is currently searching for the person who stole his sex tape that he created with his ex-wife several years ago.  According to reports, the tape is in the process of being sold to a blog.