Instant Follow Friday: Lindsay Lohan Is a Sexy Selfie Queen

Probation Over!
Lindsay Lohan's probation in necklace theft ends

This week’s Instant Follow Friday is dedicated to everyone’s favorite red head and bad bitch, the talented miss Lindsay Lohan.

Considering her hot mess status circa 2010 – 2013 (bad gal/heartbreaker appeal, anyone?), Lindsay has come out on top of all those various lawsuits and rehab stints, and is looking happier, healthier, and sexier one selfie after another.

From hanging out in her dressing room topless to making sideboob happen, Lilo knows how to Instagram her way into our hearts and keep herself there, so let’s all fall down the rabbit hole with her.

The Mean Girls star not only posts selfies that rivaling the beauty, form and technique  of “trailblazer” of the “selfie movement”, Kim Kardashian.

Lohan also will take you around the world, posting pics from her various travels with friends and family – often places with beautiful, crystal blue water and jealousy inducing views taken from where she probably laying on a chaise lounge, sipping on a (non-alcoholic) mimosa in one hand and dangling an Audrey Hepburn cigarette holder from the other.

Lilo has had enough shade thrown at her over the past couple of years, so let’s just love her for who she is as well as for who she’s not. Forever a classic bad gal and beauty, Lindsay has style and a sexy Instagram.

Lindsay, we can’t wait for you to be back in NYC! Follow her right now @lindsaylohan and on twitter @lindsaylohan too!