Did Kim Kardashian Actually #BreakTheInternet?

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How much did Kim make for her 'Paper' photos?
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Kanye West and others respond to Kim's 'Paper' spread.
Kim Kardashian’s instantly-iconic Paper magazine cover came with its own hashtag: #BreakTheInternet.

And though it seems like no one has done anything but talk about Kardashian’s shiny ass for the last two days, the people want to know: did she actually break the internet? Well…

… not according to The Wall Street Journal.

Using Twitter analytics tool Topsy, WSJ measured Twitter activity for  24 hours following both the magazine cover’s debut and the landing of the Rosetta probe on a passing comet. They searched for mentions of “comet” and “#cometlanding” and compared it to mentions of “Kardashian” and “#breaktheinternet.” These were their findings:

The WSJ also notes that the tweets about the comet landing were generally more positive, with a sentiment rating of 64. (A sentiment rating attempts to measure the overall positive or negative tone in selected tweets.) Meanwhile, tweets about Kardashian’s photos had a sentiment rating of 43.

So not only did more people mention the comet landing, the people who did tweet about Kardashian’s photos weren’t necessarily saying nice things.

So, no, Kardashian did not break the internet. Then again, she had some seriously stiff competition.

Maybe next time, Kim!

[WSJ, Main GIF via BuzzFeed]