“American Horror Story: Freak Show” Spoiler-laden Script Stolen from the New Orleans Set

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American Horror Story: Freak Show
CREDIT: Michele K. Short / FX

Things got gruesome for Matt Bomer on 'Freak Show.'
TV fans and spoiler-haters alike will be upset to learn that a script from the current season of American Horror Story was stolen from the set last week and is already trying to make its way onto the internet.

TMZ is reporting that the script, which is actually a single page from an upcoming episode of Freak Show, was snagged when an actor set their copy down in between takes on-set in New Orleans. That page is now being shopped around to whomever is stupid enough to pay for it.


And although the report stops short of revealing specifics, it’s said that the page reveals exactly how Pepper, seen above, made her way from Frauleine Elsa’s Cabinet of Curiosities to Briarcliff Manor — a.k.a season two’s infamous asylum.

It’s already been announced that Lily Rabe will return later this season as Sister Mary Eunice, her character from Asylum, leading many to assume she’ll be escorting Pepper to her “new” home. Ryan Murphy has also revealed that each season of his horror anthology is connected with the others, but, like the TMZ report, no specifics have been revealed.

20th Century Fox Television produces Horror Story and released the following statement in light of the TMZ report, “The theft and unauthorized distribution of our scripts is a very serious matter and we will take all appropriate steps necessary to vigorously protect our intellectual property.”