Are Harry Styles and Taylor Swift Back Together? #Haylor Update

Taylor's Cat Robe
Yes, Taylor Swift owns a cat robe.
Is #Haylor back together? Rumors are flying that Harry Styles and Taylor Swift might be giving their relationship another try.

It’s being reported that Styles sent Swift 1,989 roses to celebrate her new album, 1989. Plus, Styles has apparently been, “plaguing Taylor with texts.” Get more details below!

Styles and Swift ended things in early 2013, but now it sounds like they might be trying to work things out. After his split from Swift, Styles was rumored to be dating model Kendall Jenner last winter. That relationship quickly ended, and since then, Styles has been single.

Now, it seems Styles is trying to win Swift back. In addition to sending Swift the 1,989 flowers, a source told New Weekly Magazine, “Harry’s been plaguing Taylor with texts and calls, begging for a rematch.”

If the two are dating again, it’s definitely interesting timing. Swift has been talking to magazines for a few months now, saying dating is the last thing from her mind. But, maybe Styles has convinced Swift to give him another chance. Swift is reportedly, “talking about how much he’s matured.”

While some sources are saying they might be back together, Gossip Cop is reporting that the rumors are false.

It should also be mentioned, Swift recently liked a Tumblr post of Styles talking about her new album. Check it out below!


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