Watch: This Hilariously Awesome 2003 Taylor Swift Smoothie Commercial Will Make Your Day

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Taylor Swift says dating is the last thing on her mind.
Before becoming a singing superstar, what was Taylor Swift up to? Apparently starring in smoothie commercials!

A video posted on YouTube shows a 14-year-old Swift, in an eighth grade school project. For the 2003 project, Swift and her classmates created a commercial for Paco’s Paradise Smoothies. Check out Swift playing “Island Girl 1″ in the video, and then let us know what you think!

This amazing video was posted on YouTube years ago, but it just started to make its way around the Internet after a link was posted on Reddit. The person who posted it on Reddit went to college with one of the guys in the video.

The description for the video on YouTube says, “Ad for Paco’s Paradise Smoothies for an 8th grade Investigative Studies project. Starring: Grant Baldwin, Mike Bunting, Steve Bonino, Mollie Pleet, and Taylor Swift. Edited by Edward Carlson.”

Swift only has one line in the video, but the whole thing is just hilariously awesome. Check it out and let us know what you think!

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