Justin Bieber is on a Religious Mission, Exiled Himself From All Bad Things

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Relive the egging incident heard 'round the world.
Looks like Justin Bieber is really trying to turn his life around…

The 20-year-old singer is on a self-proclaimed religious mission to learn how to spread the word of God.  According to TMZ,
he’s currently hidden away in Rancho Mirage (just outside of Palm Springs) where he’ll spend two weeks with Pastor Carl Lentz.

The Pastor–who baptized Bieber in New York City this summer–will teach the “Baby” crooner how to resist bad temptations and spread the word of God.

Bieber has reportedly exiled himself from anything that could have a negative influence on him during this trying time: friends, alcohol, weed, etc.  He is only occupying himself with things that involve the Lord.

Meanwhile, the rumor mill has been going wild with speculation over the idea that Bieber and Kendall Jenner are romantically linked.  The two were even spotted going to church together last week–perhaps the beginning of his new religious endeavor.