Kim Kardashian’s Naked Body Still Makes Ray J Money

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It’s been 7 years since Kim Kardashian’s sex tape was sold to make her famous leaked to adult entertainment companies, but it’s still churning a good profit, especially as she continues to release more and more scandalous photos.

In fact, last week’s nude photos from Paper magazine triggered a renewed interest in the “Kim K Superstar” video and caused a dramatic spike in sales–so much so that her partner in the film and ex-boyfriend Ray J got a pretty hefty payday, too.

Sources at Vivid Entertainment tell TMZ that the R&B singer usually sees around $90K every 3 months from the video.  But he took home close to $50K last week alone after Kim’s full frontal nudes were distributed throughout the internet.

President of Vivid Entertainment Steve Hirsch tells the publication that the most recent spike makes Kim’s video the biggest selling celebrity sex tape of all time–overtaking title holders Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee.

How proud Kim must be!