FKA Twigs Opens Up About Her Rising Success and Boyfriend Robert Pattinson, Says It’s ‘Worth It’

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FKA Twigs and Robert Pattinson lead this weekend's star sightings
FKA Twigs performs on the Tonight Show
FKA Twigs holds sold out concerts, has a cool sense of style, and is dating Robert Pattinson – and with all that comes an ugly side of fame.

Nonetheless, despite the hoards of paparazzi following her every step and the “14-year-old” haters who “should be in bed”, FKA Twigs says that it’s all “very worth it”.

Whether you listen to her music (LP1or know her because of her sexy ex-vampire boyfriend, the British singer is undeniably becoming one of 2014’s biggest new artists.

But dating one of the most beloved actors in the world isn’t easy. Between that and all the attention surrounding her rising fame, FKA Twigs has had to deal with an ugly amount of backlash – racist remarks, death threats via Twitter, and the loathsome paparazzi.

She spoke to USA Today about her career, saying “I really enjoy the fun of putting something out and people liking it or hating it or talking about it, but vacuous attention, it feels disgusting. It’s like a hangover.”

About her relationship, she added, “It’s weird, I know that’s not really because of me or what I’m doing,” but nevertheless, “the positivity that I get from (my relationship) makes the more challenging aspects … very worth it.”

Wanting people to focus on her music more than anything else, FKA Twigs said, “Being beautiful isn’t everything. … Sometimes it’s interesting to show how you feel on the inside on the outside, just through expressing yourself”.

She continued, “Sometimes I look at someone like (singer/producer) James Blake, and I kind of envy the fact that he’s a 6-2 English guy and no one will say he’s changed his T-shirt from black to blue. People will only talk about his music.”

Her debut album explores heartbreak and reveals raw emotions, about which she said, “You try to do something, and it makes you feel disgusted in yourself. Whether it’s loving someone, trying to make music or trying to finish something and it’s painful, you’re constantly confronted with your lack of skill level, or you’re trying to love someone and you’re confronted with all the demons you have.”

FKA (“formerly known as”) Twigs is an awesome artist with a sick sense of style; just watch one of her intense music videos and find out.

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