Kylie Jenner Pulled Over By Police, Should Probably Hire a Driver

Kylie vs. Rumors
Kylie takes to Twitter to talk lip injection rumors.
Kylie Jenner should just hire a driver at this point.

The 17-year-old reality star was pulled over by police and ticketed in Los Angeles yesterday. Get the details below!

Jenner has had a lot of car troubles since getting her license in 2013. In August 2013, just 18 days after getting her license, she was involved in a 3-car crash. Then this past summer, she got two driving tickets in one day! Plus, a year after her first accident, she was involved in another car accident!

Now, TMZ is reporting that the reality star was pulled over while driving her Range Rover in the San Fernando Valley. Why was she pulled over? Her tail lights! The site says Jenner’s car, “was tricked out and the black covers over the red tail lights didn’t cut it.”

What do you think about this latest incident? Should she just get a driver? Sound off in the comments!

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