Tyga Bailed on an Appearance Because His Not-Girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, Wasn’t Allowed Into the Club

Tyga and Kylie
Kylie shares mysterious Tyga-related photo.
'I'm Single'
Kylie denies she's in a relationship with Tyga.
Kylie Jenner and Tyga are not dating. Everyone continues to say that they are not dating. Kylie said it. Tyga said itKris Jenner said it. Kim Kardashian didn’t say it, but she wouldn’t approve if they were.

But for two people who aren’t dating, they sure do act like two people who are, you know, dating.

A new report alleges that Tyga failed to show up for an appearance at Greystone Manor in West Hollywood after the club refused to let Kylie, who at 17 is still legally underage, in with him.

Tyga allegedly made several calls to Greystone, begging them to allow Kylie entry. Greystone refused to budge — 21 being the legal age for entry — and so, after pushing his entry time back to 1:30 a.m. during the thwarted negotiations, Tyga eventually decided not to show up at all.

At 25, Tyga is eight years Kylie’s senior. With the age of consent in California being 18, a sexual relationship between the two would, of course, be not-technically-legal. Thus, we arrive at the reason everyone in the Kardashian/Jenner camp continues to deny the existence of a romantic relationship between the two.

Either that, or Tyga and Kylie really aren’t dating. Because this is the kind of behavior one exhibits when one is not dating someone. Obviously.