Miley Cyrus Wears Leather, Goes Nude for Golden Lady Ad Campaign

See Miley Cyrus' take on Kim Kardashian's butt in new instagram pic
Miley Cyrus is starring in a new ad campaign for Golden Lady, selling you “seamless tights, Italian hosiery and intimates” by going nude – nude tights, that is.

We saw her prance around and rock her legs in a campaign video released a couple days ago, and now here are some cheeky images from the shoot photographed by, who else, Terry Richardson.

Golden Lady Company president Nerino Grassi told WWD that Miley was chosen for the campaign because “she’s an international music icon with millions of fans, and young girls, who are the women of tomorrow, adore her.”

Interested in expanding their demographics and reaching a younger market of millennials, Golden Lady’s seamless tights have “no bothersome stitching” and are treated with silver ions to give wearers a “fresh” feeling.

Shown unzipping and pulling down her leather mini skirt, Miley is once again proving she’s into removing her clothing and baring skin to sell you something (except, darn, this time she’s gotta sell tights!).

Certainly, flaunting a Miley Cyrus ad campaign shot by the predator “Uncle” Terry Richardson will get people’s attention.

See more pics in the gallery above!