Chrissy Teigen Seems to be Throwing Shade at Kim Kardashian

Chrissy Gets Naked
Chrissy Teigen strips down for John Legend video.
Chrissy Teigen is pretty much perfect in our eyes, but the gorgeous supermodel always seems to point out flaws about herself–especially when it comes to her lack-of-booty.

However, her low confidence in that area might just be due to the fact that she’s comparing herself to women with unrealistic measures


The outspoken beauty took to Twitter to put it bluntly:  “Honestly, I don’t care that you got your ass done I just wanna know that you got your ass done so I don’t feel like such an assless idiot.”

LOL! I mean, well put.  But who is the 28-year-old brunette be referring to?

While Teigen never actually specified in her Tweet, there’s only one butt the world has been talking about lately: Kim Kardashian’s.

Though the model and her hubby attended Kimye’s wedding this past summer, that doesn’t mean Chrissy is BFFs with Kim and knows whether or not her butt is fake… And let’s be honest, those outrageous, fully nude Paper magazine photos got the world wondering the same damn thing.