And Now, an Excerpt from Marilyn Monroe’s Sexy Love Letter from Third Husband Arthur Miller

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When you’re as famous as Marilyn Monroe, privacy is a hard thing to maintain, even long after you’re gone.

Now, hundreds of her most personal letters and photos are being auctioned off in Beverly Hills next month. PEOPLE has just published passages from one of those letters, written by Monroe’s third husband Arthur Miller.

At the time of the letter, Monroe and Miller were actually one month away from being Mr. and Mrs. The Death of a Salesman playwright was also in the middle of finalizing his divorce from Mary Slattery.

Still, “Dearest Wife” starts the doting letter, dated Apr. 30, 1956.

Miller, who was 40 at the time, writes that when the two are together again,

“I will kiss you and hold you close to me and sensational things will then happen. All sorts of slides, rollings, pitchings, rambunctiousness of every kind. And then I will sigh. And when you rest your head on my shoulder, then slowly I will get HUNGRY.”

Too much for you? Too bad. Here’s more:

“I will come again to the kitchen, pretending you are not there and discover you again. And as you stand there cooking breakfast, I will kiss your neck and your back and the sweet cantaloupes of your rump and the backs of your knees and turn you about and kiss your breasts and the eggs will burn.”

Also being auctioned off is a less sexy letter from second husband Joe DiMaggio, who begs Monroe to come home in the wake of their divorce.

You can read that, and more of Arthur Miller’s letters, over at PEOPLE.

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