Ryan Gosling Gets Restraining Order Against Stalker

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Ryan Gosling
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Ryan and Eva's 'Place'
The duo took to the red carpet for their new film.
Ryan Gosling just got a restraining order against a stalker.

According to TMZ, Gosling got the restraining order against Grace Marie Del Villar, who has been stalking him for the past three months. Get all of the details below!

In the legal documents, Gosling claims that this woman has been sending him emails and packages. This case also involves Gosling’s significant other, Eva Mendes. Del Villar even went so far as to rip out a page from a magazine that Mendes was in, staple her contact information on the page, and send it to Gosling!

This woman has also been harassing Gosling’s sister with messages. One even said, “I am kicking your brother’s head.”

It turns out, Del Villar went to Gosling’s house in Los Angeles on Oct. 28. She showed up, rang the security gate, and said she was, “Ryan’s twin.” Del Villar ended up leaving a doll catalog at the gate.

Now that Gosling got the restraining order, Del Villar has to stay 100 yards away from him, Mendes, their daughter, Esmeralda Gosling, as well as other members of Gosling’s family.

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