Is Selena Gomez Singing About Having Sex With Justin Bieber?

SelGo's Heartbreak
Selena Gomez talks on-and-off Justin Bieber romance.
Let the speculations begin.

New material off of Selena Gomez’s upcoming greatest hits album, For You, have made its way online and many fans are suspecting that the leaked tracks are directed at none other than the singer’s on-again, off-again boyfriend, Justin Bieber.

In “Do It,” a song written by Gomez, Antonina Armato, Tim James, and David Jost, the songstress doesn’t beat around the bush with the sexual message as she croons, “If I had a wish / And If I had my way / Boy, you know we’d do it every single day.” 

The second leaked track, a rework of the previously-announced-but-never-released “My Dilemma,” has Gomez singing about wanting to be with someone who may not be good for her. Hm, does this remind us of anyone?

“I heard the rumors, but you won’t come clean / I guess I’m hoping it’s because of me / And I know what I know, and I know you’re no good for me / I know it’s not meant to be,” she sings.

Though Gomez has yet to comment on whether or not these songs are about Biebs, the 22-year-old did recently confirm that her new record’s lead single, “The Heart Wants What It Wants,” is about her tumultuous relationship with the Canadian pop star.

“He has heard it, and he has seen the video,” Gomez said in an interview with Ryan Seacrest following the music video’s premiere. “He thought it was beautiful. I think it was really hard at first.”

I support him. I think I always will,” she continued about Bieber. “I’m upset when he’s upset. I’m happy when he’s happy. I don’t want anything [bad] ever to happen to him.”