Zayn Malik Doesn’t Have a Drug Problem, He has a ‘Poo Problem’

Where is Zayn?
Zayn Malik was too sick to travel to the US for the release of One Direction's new studio album
When Zayn Malik was noticeably missing from One Direction’s appearance on the Today show Monday to promote the release of their new album, fans got really worried.  To make matters worse, the show’s host Matt Lauer got the rumor mill going when he asked his fellow band mates if Malik had been having troubles with substance abuse–something that really pissed off the 21-year-old.

Well, Lauer is probably a little embarrassed today because the true reason behind Malik’s absence was finally revealed: he was having a poop problem.

Liam Payne had told Lauer that Malik was suffering from a “tummy bug” and needed to rest.

“Obviously this is the biggest day of our year for our album, we’ve worked so hard on it,” Liam said at the time.   “He’ll make a speedy recovery, I’m sure.”

So what exactly was this “bug?”  Louis Tomlinson wasn’t afraid to speak the truth.

“He’s got a poo problem,” he told E! News.  “And that’s the truth and he’s really not gonna like me saying that.”

LOL. Oops.  But hey! A poo is better than a drug problem, am I right?!

Luckily Malik was able to recover in time to reunite with his bandmates on Orlando for their special concert performance Tuesday night.