Beyoncé Releases ‘7/11′ Music Video: Will Make You Wish You Were her BFF

New Beyonce Music?!
Word is the diva may be dropping another surprise album!
We wouldn’t expect Beyoncé to provide anything less than amazing when it comes to the music videos for her two new songs off her platinum box set… But when you’ve pulled off everything under the sun–including dropping a surprise visual album without a word leaking about it–what’s left?!

Wellp… Somehow the songstress managed to pull out new tricks for her “7/11″ video for, revealing a side of Queen Bey we’ve never seen before and doing it all with an iPhone.

Yes, the video consists ENTIRELY of behind-the-scenes phone footage of Bey, playing up her silly side as the camera shows her laughing at herself doing a myriad of funny (and somehow still sexy) dance moves–twirling on a chair on a hotel balcony, shaking it in her underwear, getting tipsy with her girls in a bathroom, playing around in a cat mask with a Christmas tree behind her (I know, right?!)…

Like, if you thought you wanted to be friends with Beyoncé before, this heightens the emotions to a whole new level–I’m talking serious FOMO that you don’t get to spend every waking minute being this woman’s BFF.

So go ahead and check it out in the video above, but don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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