Gwyneth Paltrow Shades Martha Stewart in New Cake Recipe

Martha Shades All
Martha Stewart throws shade at Gwyneth Paltrow and Blake Lively.
Revenge is a dish best served cold with a three cups of whipped cream. Well, according Gwyneth Paltrow’s latest dig at Martha Stewart, that is.

The founder of Goop is throwing serious shade at the Martha Stewart Living head honcho after publishing a cleverly disguised diss at her rival’s prison past. Presumably responding to Stewart’s previous “Conscious Coupling” spread back in October, in which the domestic maven pokes fun at the actress’ pretentious divorce announcement, Paltrow and her Goop gang ups the ante by naming a layered ice cream cake recipe “Jailbird Cake.”

Oooh, burn.

According to People, Paltrow’s team knows exactly what they’re doing when it comes dishing it out to Stewart.

“The folks at goop know how to have some fun, too,” a source close to the domestic lifestyle brand tells the publication. “If Martha served up the appetizer, the Jailbird Cake is just desserts.”

Best wash that cake down with some truth tea, ladies.