Harry Styles Talks 1989 Roses Rumor, One Direction Takes ‘Cutest Selfie Ever’ With Kittens and Babies

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Where is Zayn Malik?!
In addition to taking the cutest selfie ever with Jimmy Kimmel (see below!), Harry Styles confronts the “#Haylor” rumors head on during his appearance on The Ellen Show yesterday.

Earlier this week, it was rumored that Harry sent his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift 1989 roses in celebration of her #1 selling album, but that was quickly debunked by a source saying the two pop stars are not dating, just really friendly.

So, what did Harry have to say about the rumors of him and his “pal” Taylor?

Harry, running his hand through his beautiful hair, told Ellen, “I know about the rumor, I don’t know anything about the roses” as Liam Payne, sitting next to him, and the rest of the band chuckled.

“I think it might have been someone else and I may have falsely taken [credit],” he added.

ET, however, reported that Harry and Taylor were seen hanging out in LA Wednesday night at The 1985 concert at the Palladium on Sunset Blvdthe saga continues…

Ellen also asked Zayn Malik how he was doing in light of his recent stomach flu that caused him to miss the release day of 1D’s new album, FourHe says he’s “Happy to be back”. Then Ellen wondered about his impending marriage, and though they’re engaged, he doesn’t have any plans made yet, Ellen asked him to make sure to let her know so she could keep her schedule open for it!

The boys appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Thursday night, where they took the adorable photo above.

Jimmy asked them some thought provoking questions, like “Who is most likely to let a woman split the band apart?”

The boys were a little taken aback, but Harry responded lucking “We’ve never really had that problem”, to which Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson agreed… except for the “one time Niall wrote a song about Liam’s girlfriend” (which, according to the band, was totally a joke taken literally and out of context!).

Let it be known: One Direction likes to joke around A LOT, but that their humor is often misconstrued and taken too literally – so tread lightly One Directioners!

See the rest of their interview with Jimmy Kimmel above, and watch their appearance with Ellen Degeneres here!

[Lead image credit: Ellen Degeneres’ Twitter]