Instant Follow Friday: Jennifer Lopez Believes in True Love, Baths, and Big, Big, Booties

The Moment It Ended
Jennifer Lopez recalls the moment that prompted her to end her marriage to Marc Anthony.
Booty Cracks
JLo & Iggy's booty cracks/butt shaking have ABC nervous for live AMA performance
This week’s Instant Follow Friday is dedicated to the beautiful, the positively likable, the bootylicious Jennifer Lopez.

Jenny from the block still has it going on. I mean, her booty has its own hashtag (#JLoBooty), and like a total badass, she’s walking a thin line with censorship right now because her booty crack is just so mesmerizing (and thus allegedly not suitable for young audiences), that the network execs hosting the AMA’s on Sunday are nervous she’s going to treat our eyes to a little extra during her live performance (one can only hope!).

Then there are her selfies. One word: abs. 

Since her early days, Jennifer Lopez has held a perhaps small but very tender place in our hearts. Whether you knew her as “Jenny from the block”, one half of the original “Bennifer” (hehe), or as a certifiably cute rom-com actress (The Wedding Planner basically defines the entire history of romantic comedies), you’ve got to admit that after all these years, JLo is shaking it better than anyone else on the floor.

Yes, her booty is mesmerizing. Yes, her and Iggy Azalea (and her and BFF Leah Remini) have amazing chemistry. And yes, her selfie game is on point. But this tenderness we have for her isn’t just about da booty.

When it comes down to it, JLo is a bright beam of inspiration and positivity! Just watch one minute of American Idol and what you’ll see is genuine emotion. When she smiles, we smile; and when she cries of happiness, we’re compelled to cry of happiness too.

Finally, her social media accounts are a testament to how much she adores her fans, and vice versa! The outpouring of love she gives her fans via Instagram and Twitter is incredible, whether it’s in support for #booty or for her first book, True Love, (where she gets emotional about her romances with Marc Anthony and Ben Affleck).

Her love and appreciation (plus the fact that she looks like a goddess in workout clothing) reveals that, most importantly, JLo has unfeigned beauty inside and out.

Check out the gallery above for some of JLo’s best selfies (solo and with friends like Michelle Obama, Iggy and Leah!), abs, and inspirational messages! 

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