Kim Kardashian Receives Backlash After Posting Wrong Location on Instagram Photo

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Kim Kardashian is receiving some serious backlash after she posted the wrong location on a recent Instagram photo.

The reality star was just in Australia, doing work and making appearances. While Kardashian was there, she did a photo shoot and posted a photo from her location. It turns out, Kardashian thought she was on a beach in Sydney, when she was really about three hours south of Sydney, on a beach in Jervis Bay.

Here’s the Instagram Kardashian posted with the caption, “Sydney.”


Ein von Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) gepostetes Foto am

According to Google maps, a drive from Sydney to Jervis Bay would be just under three hours. Check out a picture of the map showing the difference between Sydney and Jervis Bay.

Google Maps

 (Google Maps)

After Kardashian posted the Instagram, locals started commenting on the photo, telling her to get the location right. Here’s an example of some of the comments on the photo.

Kim Kardashian, Instagram


Kim Kardashian, Instagram


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