Kylie Jenner Pouts Her Full Lips in Series of New Instagram Selfies

Not BF-GF?
Kylie Jenner was a no show to her not-boyfriend Tyga's birthday party.
After being spotted make-up free by paparazzi earlier this week (when she was pulled over again by LAPD), Kylie Jenner took to Instagram to remind us all that she’s still true to her make-up heavy look and fond of the dark colors black and crimson.

Oh yeah, and to remind us of her pouty lips (which are not the product of lip injections, but plenty of lip liner). She might not be able to drive very well, but at least her fine motor skills are on point.

So once again, here we are talking about “this lip thing lmao“.

beanie by @monicarosestyle xx

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Wearing a black lace beanie and dark crimson lipstick, Kylie looks glam in lip liner. She posted this photo earlier Thursday evening:


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Even Kim has weighed in on Kylie’s lip criticism, saying “She only wears a lip liner and then she fills it in.  She doesn’t wear a lipstick or a gloss…”

Mad skills, Kylie.