Lana Del Rey Strips Down for ‘Maxim’ Magazine

Em Threatens Lana
Eminem raps about punching Lana Del Rey.
Holy, Lana del Rey!

In the December/January issue of Maxim magazine, the “West Coast” crooner is named “Rock’s Sultriest Star” for a good reason–she looks utterly flawless on the cover!

Del Rey shows off her famous pout, going old-Hollywood glam with thick liner around her baby blue eyes and her hair swooped and curled to one side.

But it’s inside the issue that we get the real surprise. The gorgeous songstress strips down, wearing nothing but a pair of white undies and a sheet covering her chest, giving the camera a big smile as she holds the covers with red-manicured nails.

Maxim says of Lana, “[She] knows what she’s doing.  The elusive pop star has garnered the world’s attention with style and grace unlike no other,” adding, “There’s a reason this sexy singer’s got the nickname ‘gangsta Nancy Sinatra.'”

Meanwhile, the cover comes during a strange month for the pop star.  Not only did Eminem threaten to “punch Lana Del Rey right in the face,” but a surprising short film featuring the singer and Marilyn Manson was also leaked.  In the video, Lana plays a character who is raped by Hostel director Eli Roth.