Demi Lovato Stopped Hanging Out With Miley Cyrus Because She Parties Too Much

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Demi on Selena
'People grow apart,' the singer tells Andy Cohen.
Earlier today Demi Lovato publicly announced that she and Miley Cyrus are no longer friends because they just “don’t have anything in common” anymore… Now, we’re finding out exactly what that means.

The 22-year-old pop star is doing what she thinks is best for her well-being–which in her situation is maintaining sobriety from drugs and alcohol after checking herself into rehab in 2010.

An source close to Demi tells E! News, “Miley is a wildcard and Demi has made a point of not surrounding herself with people” who party too much, adding that “Demi’s sobriety is very important to her.”

“Demi tries to be reserved in public and cares very much about how she is perceived,” the source continues and mentions a recent encounter between the duo.

“About six months ago at a small gathering both Miley and Demi were there. They were in the same room for a only a few moments and it was super awkward, very girly high-school, pretending to ignore each other, they didn’t speak, they didn’t even make eye contact.”

The whole Demi vs. Miley situation was called into question earlier today when a fan asked Lovato about their status on Boston’s The TJ Show.  Demi said they’ve remained acquaintances.