Ariana Grande Is Allegedly Upset With Bette Midler’s ‘Whore’ Remarks

And so continues the cycle of yet another celebrity beef.

Following Bette Midler’s critical takedown of Ariana Grande’s sexualized image, Grande is ready to fire back.

TMZ reports that Grande was “shocked” by Midler’s comments. First of all, according to a source, Grande is a huge fan of Midler, and thus the comments were hurtful. Secondly, the source says, Grande thinks Midler’s remarks were somewhat hypocritical considering Midler didn’t exactly shy away from embracing a “sexy” image when it suited her throughout her career.

It could be argued that Grande has a point, although it shouldn’t be. Despite a few “sexy” photos and cheeky performances, Midler is hardly known as someone who used sex to sell herself. Grande’s entire shtick, however, is that of the “sexy baby” lady from 30 Rock. It’s often hard to remember that Grande is 21, given that she frequently acts and presents herself as a pre-teenager. A highly sexualized pre-teenager, to be precise.

That said, Midler herself pointed out that it is not her place to remark on Grande’s presentation, as she is not Grande’s mother or manager. Midler’s original comments, in which she advised Grande not to “whore [yourself] out,” could be construed by some as slut-shaming, which is something we’d all like to see less of.

All in all, for a celebrity beef featuring an icon and one of today’s biggest pop stars, it’s all rather… tame. Until such time as Grande provides an actual response — we’re crossing our fingers for a subtweet — we shall sit here waiting, popcorn in hand.

UPDATE: Grande has responded on Twitter (natch), writing: