Emma Stone Flips Off Paparazzi While Walking with Boyfriend Andrew Garfield

Emma: 10 Facts
We bet you didn't know this about Ms. Emma Stone.
Emma Stone clearly didn’t want to be bothered by the paparazzi today.

The actress was walking with her boyfriend, Andrew Garfield, in New York City when she cleverly flipped off the paparazzi. Check out all of the photos in the gallery!

Stone is currently starring in Cabaret on Broadway, so it looks like she had some time off to spend with Garfield.

The actress doesn’t look pleased in the photos. So, as the photographers took pictures of her and Garfield, it appears that she decided to subtly give the paparazzi her middle finger.

Launch the gallery to see all of the photos of the couple walking around NYC.

After you check out the pictures, let us know what you think! Should the paparazzi give Stone and Garfield more space? Sound off in the comments!